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Peace with Justice Sunday - what is it?

Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018
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What is Peace with Justice Sunday?
Peace with Justice Sunday is one of six church-wide Special Sundays with offerings of The United Methodist Church. Peace with Justice Sunday enables The United Methodist Church to have a voice in advocating for peace and justice through a broad spectrum of global programs. The special offering benefits peace with justice ministries in the annual conference and through the General Board of Church and Society.

When do we celebrate Peace with Justice Sunday?
United Methodists celebrate Peace with Justice Sunday on the First Sunday after Pentecost.

Can our church celebrate Peace with Justice Sunday at a different time?
Yes! If your local church needs to celebrate a Special Sunday on a different date, that is fine! Do not let the given dates prohibit your congregation from celebrating Peace with Justice Sunday if you have a time conflict.

How does The United Methodist Church distribute the offerings received on Peace with Justice Sunday?
The annual conference treasurer retains 50 percent of receipts for Peace with Justice ministries in the annual conference. The conference board of church and society or an equivalent structure administers this portion.

The annual conference treasurer remits the remaining 50 percent of receipts to the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA). The GCFA treasurer distributes net receipts, after payment of promotional expenses, to the administering agency for Peace with Justice ministries.

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